Barriques Wall of 100

Affectionately called ‘The Wall’ by many of our long time customers, the Wall of 100 is the showpiece wine fixture in each of our cafes. Each Wall showcases 100 different wines that we think are some of the top values the wine world has to offer all for under $10 a bottle.
The Wall was conceived, literally, on the back of a napkin midway through build-out of our first store after we stumbled upon a quote that seemed to reflect part of what we were trying do. The quote went something like this,

“The quality of a society can be best judge by the quality of life of it’s least well off citizens”.

I can’t remember the authors name, but it inspired us to create the grandest fixture in the store on which to place place our ‘value’ selections. We find this to be in stark contrast to many of our competitors who feel these wines are more suited to the bottom shelves.
Every wine on The Wall has been taste tested to help insure that it meets the quality standards that have made the Wall of 100 a favorite place to shop for wine in Madison for the past 11 years.