Ethiopia Yrgacheffe


Bright with lemony flavor, this medium-full bodied coffee is sweet and spicy, with a lingering finish like no other.


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Product Description

Yrgacheffe, Ethiopia’s most prized coffee, is used to celebrate Ethiopian life’s biggest moments. Prepared from the highest-grown beans grown in the southern mountains along the Great Rift, Yrgacheffe coffees are organically grown, painstakingly hand-picked, fully sun dried and immaculately prepared by washed processing. The Yrgacheffe cup, transcendently clean, bright, sweet and elegant, lures you back again and again. Medium-full bodied with intoxicating spicy aroma, Yrgacheffe’s vibrant, complex flavors of sweet lemon zest, lavender, anise and spice are like no other coffee.
Coffee is the central element of Ethiopian culture and hospitality – where the word “coffee” originated, and where people first turned beans into beverage by learning how to roast. An invitation to have coffee in Ethiopia is a timeless way to pass an afternoon! Ethiopia’s high, wild forests and remote dry mountain terraces are the epicenter of the specialty coffee revolution. The original home of Coffea Arabica, the high-altitude branch of coffee’s family tree, Ethiopia is coffee’s cradle of diversity with over 400 wild Arabica strains identified and hundreds more still to be discovered.

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