Iced Coffee Blend


Full-bodied; smooth with rich mouthfeel hot or cold.


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Product Description

Our Iced Coffee Blend is 100% sustainably-grown Heirloom Arabica beans. Both Regular and Decaf Iced Coffee Blend deliver flavor that stays rich and sweet served straight, mixed with milk or whatever flavors you like. Our special Iced Blend delivers smooth coffee flavor with excellent mouthfeel – full-bodied, with mellow flavor notes of chocolate and nuts.

Cold brewing is ideal for Iced coffee. It makes ready-to-use concentrate that assures full coffee flavor and rich texture with low acidity. It’s also ready for immediate refreshment – a clear advantage over hot-brewed coffee on ice which has watery, acidy flavor.

Cold brewing’s easy too. Steep coarse ground beans in cold water for 8–12 hours, then filter off the ready to use concentrate. It’s ready to use immediately or store refrigerated for up to 2 weeks. Make it at home using a French Press – just ask for a free recipe!

Whether you prefer cold or regular brewing, we’re committed to blends with superior, rock-solid consistency. We know creating blends is an art and managing them requires discipline. We create our blends for specific flavor profiles and balance them for great flavor with all brew methods. We return to the cupping table again and again, tasting and tweaking each recipe to maintain peak flavor, balance and integrity, because even the best green coffees lose freshness, nuance and intensity as beans age. Other roasters develop blends, too – what sets ours apart is extra steps we take to keep our blends consistently tasting great.

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