Kenya ‘Top Cup’ Nyeri Othaya Peaberry


Bright, full-bodied and very intense with a clean aroma.  A rich, complex melange of savory fruit and nut flavors.


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Product Description

A winy, full-bodied and very intense coffee with exceptional bright, clean aroma.

Our latest Kenya Top Cup features Kenya’s distinctive blackcurrant flavor, with intense, winy acidity and an extra rich dark caramel flavor note added by the Nyeri region’s exceptional terroir.

As with many of our past Top Cup selections, these peaberries are certified sustainably grown. They’re produced by Othaya Co-op in Nyeri, where 1000+ family farmers grow Heirloom Arabicas in red volcanic soil at 6000′ elevation on the flanks of Mt. Kenya surrounding the Co-op’s mill,

This ‘Top Cup’ coffee is processed with the incomparable attention to detail that makes Kenyan beans the world’s finest. Farm families hand-pick their own fully ripe cherries and deliver them to the mill daily, to be pulped and washed using fresh mountain water from River Ichamama. When the washing process is finished the beans are sun dried, off the ground in net ‘hammock’ beds.

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