Smokejumper Dark Roast


Heavy-bodied and richly satisfying, a mouthful of roasty, smokey dark coffee flavor!


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Product Description

You know you crave the Dark Side, that deep, smoky nectar you taste, smell, feel – heck, almost chew.  Sink your fangs deep into our Smokejumper Dark Roast!  Created for lovers of dark coffee, Smokejumper is exceptionally rich and heavy-bodied, a huge mouthful of flavor inspired by fine bittersweet chocolate.  We roast lush, sweet Colombian and incomparably deep, smoky Sumatra to maximize the roasty brown sugars and fruit flavors, teasing out a piquant counterpoint of licorice, leather and smoky incense notes.Smokejumper Dark is a roast for which we use a blend of beans.  In dark roasts the flavor and mouthfeel delivered by the roast itself is the dominant character.  The darker the roast, the more roast (generic) flavors gain influence, eventually dominating over origin flavor.  That’s a different objective than roasts we use for origins, where lighter roast levels are tailored to highlight each origin’s best attributes.Patient, hand-crafted roasting maximizes Smokejumper Dark’s bittersweet, smoky flavor with no harsh or burned note, the key to its ‘iron-fist, velvet-glove’ appeal.  In dark roasting, time is the underused resource; with the right beans, a bit of extra patience with a roast achieves coffee with big body and mouthfeel AND a soft, sweet texture – the critical element that sets apart Smokejumper Dark Roast

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