Wholesale Coffee:

Uncompromising quality and value.  Local & accessible. An ongoing commitment to learning and teaching.
These are the principles that Barriques was founded on almost 15 years ago and they form the basis of our wholesale coffee program. It all starts with quality. Regardless of origin, region, certification or affiliation, every coffee we source has to meet our exacting quality standards first. Our 6 thriving cafes in the Madison area owe a large part of their success to this uncompromising view that our customers deserve the best quality for the dollar and we bring this same commitment to our wholesale clients.

Starting with great coffee though is not enough. We back this up through education and training. We offer our wholesale clients the exact same training opportunities that we employ with our staff so that they are trained to deliver the highest quality coffee experience to their customers. This includes proper use of the espresso machine, grinders, brewers and other standard cafe equipment. Our espresso training features extensive instruction on pulling the highest quality espresso shots and on proper milk steam techniques and beverage composition. We also offer classes that provide information about the basics of coffee, how it is produced, and roasted and about our practical and ongoing commitment to sustainability and economic fairness in the coffee world. This support and education gives our clients the tools they need to further their coffee education be successful with our coffee.

Whether you are just getting started in the coffee business or are a seasoned operator, we can provide our clients extensive consultation and support in cafe business planning, design, equipment selection and process and procedure development. We also have a complete array of coffees, fresh bakery, cafe supplies and equipment for any operation.

If you would like to learn more about Barriques and our wholesale coffee program please fell free to call or email us.
phone: 608-284-9463 x4 or x5
email: wholesale@barriquesmarket.com